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4 Steps To An Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plan In Reno, NV

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Step 1.  Check with your employer.

This is the logical first step.  Whether your employer provides a health insurance package for their employees doesn't matter.  Employers almost always have extensive knowledge concerning health insurance issues - even if they don't offer it.  Bring up the subject with your supervisor.  Ask what he/she knows about it.  You will likely be surprised.

If your employer offers health insurance benefits and you qualify, your health insurance search just might be over.  Find out as much as you can about their employee package, as soon as possible.  There may be a time delay before you can qualify for benefits.  If so, you may need to pick up a Short-Term insurance plan to cover the time that you are ineligible for coverage.  Whatever you do, don't go without coverage.  It's not worth the risk

Step 2.  Visit Healthcare.gov.

Visit: Healthcare.gov to discover what health insurance plans are available in the , region.  You will find all sorts of valuable information that can help you to make a smart health insurance choice.  Take a moment to review the meaning of health insurance terms like: Deductible, Coinsurance, and Maximum-out-of-pocket.  Having a good grasp of the meaning of such terms will simplify your decision making process.

Step 3.  Calculate how much you can afford to spend on health insurance and health care related costs.

Health insurance is a necessary life essential.  However purchasing the plan with all the "bells and whistles" may not make good financial sense.  It is important to know just much you can reasonably afford to spend on health insurance and other health-related expenses without breaking the family budget.  Looking at how much you have actually spent on healthcare in the past is the best place to start when considering how much to budget for these costs.  Examine your invoices from your insurance company and healthcare providers from the previous year to determine expenditures.  (In this case, your bank and credit card statements should come in handy.)  The final figure you arrive at will be a good indicator for calculating the annual health insurance and health-care costs for your family.

Step 4.  Speak with a local health insurance broker.

A quality insurance broker can assist you with every element of the health insurance purchase.  When it comes to determining the size of your health plan deductible, an insurance broker can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages.  They will be able to help you better understand the nuances of health plan co-insurances.  They can assist you in determining whether you qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies.  Their services are normally free.

Choosing a health insurance plan is not something to take "lightly".

When looking for a low-cost, high-quality health insurance plan, there are numerous factors to consider.  Unless you are a practicing insurance broker that works with health insurance plans on a daily basis, there are several key issues that you are likely to overlook.  A large number of Americans not thrilled with their health-care coverage.  However the reason for this frequently is not the health plan. More often than not, dissatisfaction with a health insurance plan is caused by the customer selecting a plan without fully comprehending its benefits.  Unfortunately, most people do not learn how their health insurance plan works until after they have had a medical problem.  You do not want to discover the actual meaning of terms like "deductible" or "coinsurance" after you incur a medical bill.  Make sure you are covered by the right health insurance plan - before you need to utilize it.

Think finding an affordable health insurance plan is easy?  Think again.

Obtaining a quality, affordable, health insurance plan is difficult for a variety of reasons.  At the root of the problem is the recent complete overhaul of the US health insurance industry.  The Affordable Care Act has brought about some welcome and needed health insurance improvements.  However, misinformation, and political tussle has caused the insurance marketplace to become a very confusing place.  Most do not understand how the ACA health insurance plans work.  Fewer still, understand how to purchase one.

Complicating things even further is the fact that the percentage of Americans accessing ACA coverage has increased.  A significant percentage of Americans who were previously covered by Medicaid are now eligible for ACA health insurance coverage.  Also, a higher percentage of Americans are eligible for ACA subsidies, making the plans more attractive to more consumers than previously.  Many of the ACA marketplace platforms are being strained by the increased volume of consumers looking for health plan options and assistance.  Navigating through all of these challenges in order to land the ideal health insurance plan can be naturally difficult..

Lastly, the majority of consumers lack access to a knowledgeable health insurance broker who will assist them in sorting through the plethora of new health plan information that is out there.  If competent assistance is not provided, confusion and frustration is often the result.

ACA is more affordable.

In , Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plan options are more affordable than they were in previous years.  This is because the subsidies provided by the federal government are larger.  In addition, more Americans now qualify for a subsidy.

We are happy to assist.

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the best plan for you and your family's needs.  Plan benefits, physician networks, deductibles, Rx coverage, and other components of a health insurance plan, should all be carefully considered.

Our licensed insurance professionals are happy to assist in sorting through all of the details in order to acquire a quality, affordable health insurance plan that meets the needs of you and your family.  Our services are free.  call now.   

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